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Yangtze River Map I Where is Yangtze River On a Map

The Yangtze River Map depicts the physical features of the Yangtze River. It also shows where it starts and where it finishes. It is the most prominent river in China and plays a significant role in the economy of China. It is in Asia and the world’s third longest river and flows approximately 3900 miles long.

Moreover, in terms of its discharge volume, it is the seventh longest river in the world. Its drainage basin covers one-fifth of the land of China and is home to one-third of its population. Here, we are providing the map of the Yangtze River.

Yangtze River Map

Map of Yangtze River


Although the Yangtze River China map has threatened species like the Chinese alligator, Yangtze Finless Porpoise, and Yangtze Sturgeon, it is a beautiful river and home to various species like the Yangtze River dolphin and Chinese paddlefish. The Min River is one of the tributaries of the upper Yangtze River and is about 457 miles long.

Yangtze River Map


Moreover, it flows into Sichuan Province in China and joins Yibin. The Jinsha River is a prime tributary of the Yangtze River. Besides that, it is approximately 1434 miles long and passes through the provinces of Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan in western China. It flows through Tiger Leaping Gorge. Besides that, it plays a significant role in generating hydroelectric power.

Yangtze River On Map ( Yangtze River Map)

Yangtze River on Map


The Tongtian River is approximately 629 miles long and starts at the confluence of the Tuotuo and Dangqu rivers. Although the Dangqu River serves as its geographical headwater source, the Tuotuo River is traditionally the main river. Furthermore, the Sichuan River is approximately 1040 km long and includes the upper portion of the Yangtze River on a map.

Yangtze River on the Map


Additionally, it originates from different tributaries in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. These tributaries pass through Qinghai and turn southward at the border of Sichuan and Tibet to reach Yunnan. Moreover, it receives water from several lakes after entering Hubei province. Here we are presenting the Yangtze River map.

Yangtze River On World Map

The Dongting, a famous lake in Chinese culture, is about 1090 square miles long. It is in Hunan province, though. It is a flood basin, and its volume depends on the season. The Han River is in Central China and is its left tributary.

River Map of Yangtze


It is approximately 952 miles long and is the most extended tributary of the Yangtze system. Lake Poyang serves as a freshwater lake in Jiangxi province. Besides that, it flows through Anhui and Jiangsu. It receives water from smaller lakes and reaches the East China Sea.

Where is Yangtze River On Map

It is a significant river and provides the facility of a transportation artery for China. It plays a crucial role in international shipping to the inland provinces. Furthermore, it is a popular place for tourists because of the beautiful scenic areas of the Three Gorges. Here we are providing the Where is Yangtze River world map.

Where is Yangtze River on a Map


The Yangtze River on the Asia map has an efficient role in guiding tourists. Besides that, students and researchers must know the physical features. In the rainy season, it receives a large amount of water, which results in floods. Pollution is also becoming a critical problem for this river. It is also a threat to the species of animals and humans living around it. Thus, the Yangtze River map is essential.

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