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World Map with Equator | Equator Line on World Map

The World Map with Equator is defined as the plane containing Earth’s equator. It divides Earth into two halves and is projected from a point at Earth to an infinite point on the outside edge. The globe’s rotational axis runs through it and defines world time zones.

The north pole lies 90° north of the equator, while the south lies 90° south. The width of this line varies along its length in places where it crosses land, and its width can be tens or hundreds of miles (kilometers). Still, in large parts of East Asia, it barely exists as two points on the ground separating China from Russia and Korea from Japan.

World Map with Equator

World Map with Equator


This poster showing a world map with the equator will be a great addition to your classroom. You can use it to show equator on world map  to help students see how the Earth is round. Alternatively, you could print it out on large paper and use it as a floor mat for kids to stand on to experience what the Earth looks like from above.

Equator Map of the World


A map of the world equator is also an excellent visual aid for teaching about climate zones, why we have seasons, time zones, and exploring various other topics. You can also use this map of the world showing equator to see where the continents are located and when you travel from one continent to another, you will cross over the equator. You may also be interested in an educational video showing students how to use this Map of The World showing the continents and oceans.

Equator Line on World Map(World Map with Equator )

Equatorial Map of The World


There are many different types of maps you can use to teach students about world geography, and each map type is suited for a specific type of lesson. One approach is to divide the world into regions and identify which parts of the globe belong in which area.

Map of The World with The Equator


You will also be able to use a Map of the World with an equator line to show students how country boundaries have changed over time and examine how countries shape the flow of resources and how people move around the world.

World Map of the Equator

I would recommend the equatorial guinea on World Map poster as one way you can teach about the various topics related to geography using a map as an educational resource. It would also be appropriate to use this poster when discussing the different types of world maps you can use. A map of the World with equator and tropics can help prepare your students in advance to know what to do and what information you are expecting from them.

World Map Equator


Students will better understand the world’s geography by seeing how it looks on a map. The World Map with the equator line is an imaginary line dividing Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. This is important because the equatorial guinea on World Map helps us determine the location of a country, or you can use it to explain how one side of the world has more sunlight than the other, causing seasonal differences in climate.

Map of World with the Equator

You can use this equator map of the World to provide students with a visual guide to where countries are located on Earth to see how far apart they are and how close some countries might be geographical. You can use this World equator Map to show your students that the Earth is round. It will help them figure out where countries are and how they are connected.

World Map of The Equator


World Map equatorial line can be used for many things, like making activities and role plays that help students learn about the world around them. The equator line World Map poster is the perfect size for putting it up in a classroom, but you can also get it printed in different sizes at home or in your school library. You will be impressed by how well this world map with the equator is made.

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