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Rhine River Map I Where is Rhine River On a Map

The Rhine River Map displays the features and tributaries of the Rhine River. It is a beautiful European river that starts in the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the south-east Swiss Alps. Furthermore, it defines the Swiss-Liechtenstein, Swiss-Austrian, and Franco-German borders.

It passes through the German Rhineland and empties into the North Sea. Moreover, it is the second-longest river in Europe and is approximately 766 miles long. Its discharge is about 100,000 cu ft/s and passes through only one lake, Lake Constance. Moreover, it is on the border of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Here we are presenting the map of the Rhine River.

Rhine River Map

Map of Rhine River


After passing the Rhine Waterfalls, it joins Aare and increases water discharge volume. Moreover, it forms the German-Swiss border. The High Rhine starts from Stein am Rhein and flows to the west. It is the border between Eglisau and Basel. The Aare joins the Rhine at the Canton of Aargau.

Rhine River Map


It changes its direction in the Upper Rhine and flows from west to north, approximately 300 km long and 40 km wide. The Ill River is on its left bank and its western tributary. It is about 135 miles long and starts in the Jura Mountains. Here we are presenting the Rhine River on a Europe map.

Rhine River on Map (Rhine River Map)

Rhine River on Map


The Neckar River is its right tributary and passes through the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg. Additionally, it flows through Rottweil, Rottenburg am Neckar, Kilchberg, Tübingen, Wernau, and Nürtingen. It also flows through Plochingen, Esslingen, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Marbach, Heilbronn, and Heidelberg.

Rhine River on the Map


It merges into the Rhine River on the map of Europe at Mannheim at 312 ft above sea level. The Neckar is the fourth-largest tributary and the 10th largest in Germany. The Main River is the longest tributary and flows approximately 326 miles to meet the Rhine River. It starts in the Fichtel Mountains and passes through Central Germany. Besides that, the Rhine River on a map leaves the Rhine Valley in Mainz. The Lahn and Moselle Rivers are major tributaries of the Middle Rhine.

Rhine River on World Map

The Rhine River flows through the Moselle River, which is a tributary of it. Moreover, it passes through north-eastern France and Luxembourg to western Germany and joins the Rhine at Koblenz. The Lahn River flows through the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate. Besides that, it is approximately 245.6 kilometers long.

River Map of Rhine


It meets the Rhine at Lahnstein. The Middle Rhine passes through the Rhine Gorge and falls from 77.4 m above sea level to 50.4 m. Here we are presenting the Rhine River map. When it enters the North German Plains, it becomes the Lower Rhine River cruise map. It flows through North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ruhr and Lippe rivers are its tributaries. The Ruhr River joins it in Duisberg, and the Lippe River enters at Wesel.

Where is Rhine River on Map

Where is Rhine River on a Map


The Rhine flows through the Netherlands and forms the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta with the Meuse River and Scheldt River. It is the largest delta in Europe, at approximately 9787 square miles. Although the Rhine River is the widest in Europe, it splits into three distributaries: the Waal, Nederrijn, and Ijssel. The Rhine and Danube River map plays a significant role for students and researchers. It is an efficient tool for tourists to know the river route.

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