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Ohio River Map I Where is Ohio River On a Map

The Ohio River Map shows the Ohio River’s border and the locations where it originates. It also illustrates its topography and features. It plays a significant role for both tourists and students. The Ohio River, which separates the Midwest from the South in the United States, is around 981 miles long.

It is the third-largest river in the United States in terms of discharge volume. It also becomes the largest tributary by volume when the Mississippi River splits the eastern and western United States in a north-south direction. It is also the sixth-oldest river on the continent of North America. Here we are providing the Ohio River on the US map.

Ohio River Map

Ohio River Map


It travels through six states. Additionally, its drainage basin is around 189,422 miles long and drains portions of 14 states. Although it provides drinking water to 15 million people, it is the 17th most contaminated river in the country. Additionally, it depends on climatic fluctuations.

Map of Ohio River


Some tributaries to the Map of Ohio River by discharge volume and drainage basin area include the Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Wabash River, Allegheny River, and Kanawha River. It also consists of the Green River, the Muskingum River, the Monongahela River, the Kentucky River, and the Scioto River.

Ohio River On Map (Ohio River Map)

Ohio River on Map


The Tennessee River, the Cumberland River, the Wabash River, and the Allegheny River are the longest tributaries. It also includes the Licking River, the Great Miami River, the Little Kanawha River, the Green River, and the Kentucky River. Furthermore, the Allegheny River is approximately 325 miles long and serves as the Ohio River’s headwater stream. Saw Mill Run is a prominent tributary of the Ohio River on a map in Pennsylvania.

Ohio River on the Map


Besides that, its tributaries in Western Pennsylvania include the Beaver River and Chartiers Creek. It includes Raccoon Creek, Breezewood Creek, Little Beaver Creek, and Wheeling Creek. The Middle Island Creek River is in West Virginia and is about 77 miles long.

Furthermore, the Little Muskingum River is about 65 miles long and enters Ohio River Valley On Map from the northwest. The Little Kanawha River is about 169 miles long and is also known as its tributary. The Hocking River is the right tributary and is about 102 miles long.

Ohio River Valley Map

River Map of Ohio


The Kanawha River, about 97 miles long, is also a tributary in West Virginia. The Big Sandy River is about 29 miles long and is in western West Virginia and northeastern Kentucky. The Little Miami River, about 111 miles, is a Class I tributary of the Ohio River. Here we are providing the Ohio River map USA.

The Kentucky River is about 260 miles long and drains much of the central region of the state. Moreover, its watershed drains about 7,000 square miles and supplies drinking water to one-sixth of the population of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Salt River is about 150 miles long and starts in Kentucky.

Where is the Ohio River on a Map

Where is the Ohio River on a Map


The Wabash River is about 503 miles long and is the largest northern tributary. Its distributaries also include the Cumberland River, a waterway in the United States. The Tennessee River is about 652 miles long and is the longest extended tributary of the Ohio River. Thus, the Ohio River map plays a crucial role in locating its tributaries and drainage basin area to analyze the amount of water. Here we are providing Where is the Ohio River located on the map.

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