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Mekong River Map I Where is Mekong River On a Map

The Mekong River Map displays the origin and tributaries of the Mekong River. The Mekong River is transboundary and runs approximately 3050 miles long. Its basin size is about 307,000 square miles, and its discharge is 570,000 cu ft/s. Its basin has two parts: the upper and the lower basin.

It begins in the Tibetan Plateau and passes through six countries: China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is the twelfth longest river in the world and is famous for its trade route, which serves western China and Southeast Asia. Here we are providing the Mekong River map.

Mekong River Map

Mekong River Map


Furthermore, the Map of the Mekong River has various tributaries that serve the water system of this river. One of the major tributaries of the Mekong River is the Srepok River. It begins in Dak Lak Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and flows through Ratanakiri and Stung Treng provinces in Cambodia. Besides that, it enters the Mekong near Stung Treng town. The Nam Khan River is a left tributary of the Mekong River in Laos.

Map of Mekong River


In addition, the Tha River is also the left tributary of the Mekong River. Here we are providing the Mekong River map. Furthermore, the Nam Ou River is a prominent tributary of the Mekong River and flows from Phongsaly to Luang Prabang provinces. It begins in Muang Ou Nua, passes through the northern Laos Mountains, and joins the Mekong River in Ban Pak Ou. Moreover, this river supports Lao rice cultivation.

Mekong River On Map

Mekong River on Map


The Tonle Sap River is in northwest Cambodia and is the right tributary of the Mekong River. Furthermore, the Kok River is a tributary of the Mekong River and runs approximately 177 miles long. The Mun River is the right tributary of the Mekong River and runs about 560 miles long. Its basin size is 46,020 square miles and originates from Khao Yai National Park in the Sankamphaeng range in northeast Thailand.

Mekong River on the Map


In addition, it passes through the Khorat Plateau in southern Isan and meets with the Mekong River on a map at Khong Chiam in Ubon Ratchathani.   Its basin area covers about 4199 square miles. Besides that, it passes through Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces in northern Thailand. It begins at the Daen Lao range in the Shan State of Myanmar.

Mekong River On World Map

River Map of Mekong


The Ruak River is the right-hand tributary of this river and starts in the Daen Lao Range in Shan State. Besides that, it defines the boundary between Thailand and Burma. It joins the Mekong River at Ban Sop Ruak. Here we are presenting here is the Mekong River Located on the World map. The Mekong River plays a significant role in economic development, urbanization, and industrialization.

Where is Mekong River On Map

Where is Mekong River on a Map


It is an important river that contributes to hydropower production and agriculture. Besides that, it provides facilities for transport and trade. Climate change has an impact on floods and droughts. It is home to different fish species, and approximately 80% of life depends on this river. Thus, the Mekong River map plays a crucial role in displaying the geographical features of the Mekong River.

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