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Jordan River Map I Where is Jordan River On a Map                 

The Jordan River Map represents the geographical features and tributaries of the Jordan River. This map is insightful and informational for students and researchers. Moreover, it is an essential tool for tourists. The Jordan River runs north to south through the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

It is approximately 156 miles long and a significant river in Judaism and Christianity. Besides that, the Jordan River and Golan Heights define the border to the east. Additionally, the West Bank and Israel lie to its west. Here we are providing the Jordan River on a map.

Jordan River Map

Jordan River Map


The Dead Sea is the main tributary of the Jordan River and lies in the Jordan Rift Valley. Moreover, its surface is approximately 1412 ft below sea level. It is about 997 ft deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world, and the saltiest body.

Map of Jordan River


Furthermore, the Yarmouk River and the Zarqa River are the two major tributaries of the Jordan River. The Yarmouk River flows through Jordan, Syria, and Israel. It drains most of the Hauran Plateau. Besides that, the Zarqa River is the second longest tributary of the Lower Jordan River and the third largest river in the region.

Jordan River On Map (Jordan River Map)

River Map of Jordan


Its watershed includes the populated areas of the Jordan River in the east. Besides that, Amman is the capital city of Jordan. It rises from it and runs through a deep valley into the Jordan River. Besides that, its elevation is about 1090 meters lower. Here we are providing the map of the Jordan River.

Jordan River on Map


The Nahal Ayun is a perennial stream and tributary of the Jordan River on the map. It originates from two springs in the Marjayoun valley in southern Lebanon. Moreover, it flows through Hulla Valley and empties into the Hasbani River. The Hasbani River is also a tributary of the Jordan River. Most of its discharge originates from two springs in Lebanon, Wazzani and Haqzbieh.

Jordan River On World Map

Jordan River on the Map


The Dan River is a tributary of the Jordan River, and it originates from multiple springs from Tel Dan and underground fault lines. The Banias River includes part of the Jordan River’s upper catchment and originates from Banias Spring. Besides that, it discharges about 67 million m3 a year. The Harod Stream runs west to east from Givat HaMoreh through the Harod Valley and Beit She’an Valley into the Jordan River. Here we are providing the River Jordan map.

Where is Jordan River On Map

The Jordan River supplies a large amount of water to Israel and Jordan. Moreover, 50% of the water of the Jordan River depends on rainfall. Israel, Syria, and Jordan have damaged the ecosystem of the Jordan River. Moreover, the Jordan River map defines the two border crossings between Jordan and Israel. Jordan River Crossing is an international border crossing in the north, and Allenby Bridge is near Jericho.

Where is Jordan River on a Map


Besides that, Allenby Bridge connects the west bank with Jordan. There are some bridges from north to south. The most famous bridge is the Daughters of Jacob Bridge of Israel. Jisr el-Majami is a stone bridge and is over the Jordan River. Jisr ed-Damiye and King Abdullah Bridge are also significant bridges over the river.

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