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Indus River Map I Where is Indus River On a Map

The Indus River Map depicts the physical features of the Indus River, a transboundary river of Asia. Moreover, the Indus River is a trans-Himalayan river. It rises in Western Tibet, approximately 1980 miles away. It flows northwest and passes through the controversial region of Kashmir.

It bends to the left and passes through Pakistan before emptying into the Arabian Sea near Karachi. It drains approximately 450,000 square miles. Furthermore, the Zanskar River is the first tributary of the Indus River and flows about 58 cubic miles annually. Although the Zanskar River is its left tributary, it is equal in volume to the Indus River. It passes northeast and joins the Indus River near Nimo village. Here we are providing the Map of the Indus River.

Indus River Map

River Map of Indus


Furthermore, the Indus River valley on map plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan and serves as a water resource for Pakistan. Besides that, the nation’s agriculture production depends on Punjab province. Punjab has five major rivers: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Satluj. Moreover, the five rivers form the Panjnad River, which flows into the Indus River at Mithankot.

Indus River Map


The map of the Indus River valley plays a significant role in agriculture and supplies water to the industrial areas in Pakistan. We are providing here the Indus River map. The Gar River is the headwater source of the Indus River in Tibet, China. Moreover, it forms the Indus River after joining the Sengge Zangbo River near the village of Tashigang. The Gilgit River is a tributary of the Indus River and begins at Shandur Lake.

Indus River On Map (Indus River Map)

Indus River on Map


It joins the Indus River at Juglot and Bunji. The Gomal River defines the border between Balochistan and the South Waziristan Agency and joins the Zhob River. Moreover, it enters the Gomal Valley and flows through Damian Plain and Dera Ismail Khan, and joins the Indus River. Here we are providing the Indus River on a map.

Indus River on the Map


The Hanja River is in Pakistan, and it joins the Indus River after joining the Gilgit River and Naltar River. The Kabul River is approximately 430 miles long and joins the Sanglakh Range of the Hindu-Kush Mountains in Afghanistan.  Moreover, it meets the Indus River valley civilization map near Attock in Pakistan.

Indus River On World Map

 The Kunar River is approximately 300 miles long and is a tributary of the Kabul River. The Kurama River starts from Spin Ghar and joins the Indus River after passing through the city of Bannu. It is a right-bank tributary of the Indus River and contributes to agriculture about 32,000 hectares of land.

Map of Indus River


Moreover, the Chenab River passes through Jammu, in the Plains of Punjab, Pakistan, and joins the Indus River. The Jhelum River starts from Verinag and passes through Jammu and Kashmir to Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. It is a tributary of the Chenab River and is about 450 miles long.

Where is the Indus River On a Map

The Ravi River passes through Dalhousie and crosses a gorge in the Dhauladhar Range. Moreover, it enters the Punjab plain near Madhopur and Pathankot. It joins the Chenab River in Pakistan and is about 450 miles long. The Satluj River is the eastern tributary of the Indus River and supports irrigation in Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana. 

Where is Indus River on a Map


Furthermore, the Beas River is about 290 miles, and its drainage basin is approximately 7,839 square miles long.  Besides that, the Shyok River is about 340 miles long and is a tributary of the Indus River. The Soan River is also one of its tributaries and is about 160 miles long. Moreover, the Suru and Swat Rivers are tributaries of the Indus River. The ancient Indus River map displays the river route and estimates the watershed. Additionally, it is a significant tool for farmers, students, tourists, and researchers.

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