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Hudson River Map I Where is Hudson River On a Map

The Hudson River Map is an efficient tool for researchers and learners. It shows the physical features and the Hudson River route. Besides that, it displays tributaries of the Hudson River. The Hudson River is about 325 miles long, passes north to south, and flows through New York in the United States. The Adirondack Mountains are the water source of the Hudson River.

Besides that, the Hudson River passes southward through the Hudson River Valley Map. It defines a boundary between New Jersey and New York. The Opalescent River is on the west slopes of Little Marcy Mountain and is the largest water source. It originates two miles north of Lake Tear of the Clouds. Here we are providing the Hudson River Map.

Hudson River Map

Hudson River Map


The Hudson River on a map defines the boundary between Essex and Hamilton Counties. The Boreas River flows from Boreas Ponds and converges into the Hudson River. Besides that, the Schroon River is its longest tributary, at about 67.7 miles. The Hudson River on the US map flows into Warren County and joins the Schroon River. It defines the boundary between Warren and Saratoga Counties.

Map of Hudson River


Besides that, it enters the Sacandaga River. After leaving the Adirondack Park, it passes through Interstate 87, Glen Falls, and Lake George. It forms the border between Washington and Saratoga Counties while passing through Hudson Falls. Moreover, its elevation is about 200 feet at this point. Here we are presenting the Hudson River depth map.

Hudson River On Map ( Hudson River Map)

Hudson River on Map


The Hudson River reaches the Champlain Canal in the south. The Champlain Canal is approximately 60 miles long and connects the Hudson River Park Map to Lake Champlain. Furthermore, it takes water from the Batten Kill River and Fish Creek. It forms part of the border between Saratoga and Rensselaer counties.

Hudson River on the Map


It takes in water from the Hoosic River after entering the Capital District. Additionally, the Mohawk River is the largest tributary of the Hudson River and is about 149 miles long. The Hudson River flows from its confluence with the Mohawk River to the Federal Dam in Troy.

Hudson River On World Map

The Lower Hudson River map of 13 colonies begins and enters the Hudson Valley. Moreover, it forms the boundary between Greene and Columbia Counties. It widens after meeting with its confluence, Schodack Creek. It defines the boundary between Ulster and Columbia Counties. It also forms Ulster and Dutchess Counties while passing via Germantown and Kingston.

River Map of Hudson


Besides that, it meets the Delaware and Hudson Canal and flows through Hyde Park. It takes in Wappinger Creek after passing Wappingers Falls. It forms the border between Orange and Dutchess Counties. It also flows between Newburgh and Beacon and takes in Fishkill Creek. Here we are presenting the Hudson River map.

Where is Hudson River On Map

Where is Hudson River on a Map


The Hudson River enters the Hudson Highlands between Putnam and Orange Counties. Additionally, it passes through mountains such as Storm King Mountain, Breakneck Ridge, and Bear Mountain. The river narrows before passing under the Bear Mountain Bridge. It leaves the Hudson Highlands and joins Haverstraw Bay at 3.5 miles wide. Thus, the Hudson River and its tributaries cover New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vermont. The Hudson River map is crucial to knowing tributaries, drainage basins, and locations.

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