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Ganges River Map I Where is Ganges River On a Map

The Ganges River Map depicts the rise of the Ganges River, its sources, and the area it covers. Moreover, it is beneficial for students, tourists, and researchers to know about its boundaries and routes. It rises about 1569 miles in Uttarakhand state in the western Himalayas in India. Furthermore, it passes through India and Bangladesh, making it a transboundary river.

Its main stem starts from Devprayag town. Although Alaknanda is at the confluence, it is also the source of the stream. The Bhagirathi is the source stream of it. Here we are providing the Ganges River map.

Ganges River Map

Ganges River Map


Millions of people depend on it for their basic needs. Moreover, about 140 species of fish, reptiles, and mammals depend on it. The Hindus consider it a holy and sacred river and worship it as the goddess Ganga. Although the map of the Ganges river is a holy river in India, it is the most polluted river in the country and is at great risk to humans and animals.

Map of Ganges River


The snow melts at the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Kamet, and it becomes the source of water for Alaknanda. Additionally, the Gangotri Glacier is the primary source of the Ganges. Although it is made up of numerous small streams, there is a confluence of headwater streams between the Dhauliganga, Mandakini, Pindar, Mandakini, and Bhagirathi.

Ganges River On Map (Ganges River Map)

Ganges River on Map


It joins Ramganga after passing 560 miles through Kannauj, Farukhabad, and Kanpur. Moreover, the Ramganga contributes 17,500 cu ft/s to the flow of the river annually. It joins the Yamuna River at Allahabad, about 897 miles away. Furthermore, there is a confluence the Yamuna is larger than the Ganges. It contributes about 58.5%.

Ganges River on the Map


While flowing east, it meets the Tamsa River, about 400 km long. It joins the Gomti River after passing Tamsa, about 625 km away. The Ghaghara River joins it at about 718 miles. It is the largest tributary of the Ganges in terms of its discharge. Here we are providing the Ganges River on a map. The Son River is one of its tributaries. It connects approximately 784 kilometers to the south and contributes 35,600 cu ft/s.

Ganges River On World Map

Ganges River on World Map


The Gandaki River and Kosi River also join it. Moreover, the Kosi River is the third largest tributary in terms of discharge and merges into the Ganges river world map near Kursela in Bihar. There is a confluence about the Ganges River’s length. It is about 1600 miles (1616 miles or 1569 miles long). Additionally, there is a confluence in its drainage basin size. Besides that, it covers parts of four countries: India, Nepal, China, and Bangladesh.

River Map of Ganges


It passes through eleven states in India. Due to its different sources, its discharge volume differs. Its annual discharge is about 1,300,000 cu ft/s after combining the Meghna, Brahmaputra, and Ganges. Its hydrologic circle depends on the southwest monsoon.

Where is the Ganges River On a Map

Where is Ganges River on a Map


It could result in drought or flooding during the dry and monsoon seasons, respectively. It is a complicated network of rivers, tributaries, and distributaries. The Ganges and its tributaries play a significant role in agriculture in India. It provides tourists with attractions and adventures. It is a place for various species of birds. Here you get all the information about where is the Ganges river located on a map.

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