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Europe Train Map [Printable Map of Train Routes]

Along with the information regarding the routes and the benefits of using the train in Europe, you will also get a Europe Train Map with the help of which you will be able to go on with your tour of Europe. Traveling by train in Europe is the easiest way to get anywhere. The chain of trains is covering all over the continent. It is somehow adventurous and mysterious. Especially for those who live in a place where train travel is not very much prominent.

Europe Train Map

Europe train map


You will get to see some amazing sceneries and landscapes through this train journey. One of the main advantages of traveling by train in Europe is that it is pocket friendly. The stations are located in the middle of the city which saves your time and money on traveling. Unlike airports, you need to travel more, it takes more of your time to get there and it will also cost you more, including the fare you spent to reach the airport along with the plane tickets.

European train map


After reaching the airport, you have to go through several security checks and long lines, whereas, when you travel by train, you will get to go through the lines easily and it’s easy to reach the station and train. When you travel on a plane, there is a certain limit to your luggage and you have to pay an extra fee if you pass that limit. You can carry as much luggage as you are willing to carry with you, as long as it doesn’t bother other passengers traveling with you.

Printable Map of European Trains

European trains map


Talking about saving time, there is also a facility of e-ticket in many countries where you can have your tickets on your phone and get to the train directly which means you do not need to wait in line for a ticket. But it is not yet available in every country in Europe. When you travel by train in Europe, it is not just a journey but a lifetime experience. The best part about traveling by train is that you can bring anything you want. And by anything, we mean anything, even alcohol. You can have your little picnic on the train with food and wine and make new friends.

train map Europe


If you are in the mood of being a little adventurous and explore Europe more, then trains are the best way to go. The train network in the continent is vast enough that it can also take you to the smallest towns in the city. The best way to explore a city is to visit local areas and small towns. You can do that here. If you are a spontaneous traveler then trains are the way to go. The network of trains goes through the cities to the countryside and it is very peaceful to look out the window and enjoy the view. The beautiful countryside will help you relax your mind and eyes.

Map of High-Speed trains in Europe (Europe Train Map)

Even if you are bored by just sitting in one place, you can roam around the train freely. Even the seats are large and comfortable compared to those in planes. Not only the trains but the stations themselves are some great locations to visit. There are historical stories attached to the train stations which some cities like to show off. The only drawback we can discover here is the confusing destinations. But you don’t have to worry.

train map of Europe


If you are here then you surely want to get a map of the trains in Europe. As we said earlier, you can get map templates for all the stations in Europe. The map here will allow you to understand the location of the stations where you will get the right train to your destination. The interactive maps of Europe Bullet Trains with times will show you the name of the stations and from where you have to catch your train to reach different locations.

Map of Train Routes Planner in Europe

trains in Europe map


It is an Eastern map of night trains PDF in Europe which means it is only going to help you with the train network in Europe. To get these templates, click on the PDF link presented with the image of the map. The map will be downloaded on your device. You can use it as it is or you can print them and then use them.

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