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Euphrates River Map | Where is Euphrates River On a Map

The Euphrates River Map is an efficient tool for tourists and researchers to learn about its physical features and contribution to water. You can also find it on the World Rivers map. The Euphrates River is approximately 1730 miles long.

Euphrates River Map

Euphrates River Map


It is western Asia’s longest river and receives almost all its water from snow melt and rainfall. It starts in Turkey. The two rivers, Kara Su and Murat Su, the source streams, join them. They combine with it at Keban Dam. There is confluence at their length. From Murat River to the Tigris, it is about 3000 km long. In Turkey, it is about 1230 km long. Besides that, it is about 710 km long in Syria. Additionally, it is about 1060 km long in Iraq. Here we are providing the map of the Euphrates River.

Euphrates River On Map (Euphrates River Map)

Euphrates River on Map


It receives water from natural sources from April to May. Natural sources contribute 36% of the water. Furthermore, the three Syrian rivers join it. The Sajur River is the smallest in Turkey and is about 67 miles long. It flows into the Euphrates in Syria on its right bank.

River Map of Euphrates


Its watershed is about 788 square miles. The Balikh River is about 62 miles long and is one of the rivers that join the Euphrates River on a map. It joins it at Raqqa in Syria on the northeast bank. Its watershed is about 5600 square miles. Besides that, it is the second-largest tributary of it.

Euphrates River On World Map

Euphrates River On World Map PDF

The Khabur River is the longest extended tributary and joins the Euphrates River near Busayrah, an eastern town in Syria. It is about 302 miles long. Its watershed is about 14317 square miles. Here we are presenting the Euphrates River world map. The Kara Su is about 280 miles long, and its watershed is approximately 8500 square miles. The Murat Su is about 400 miles long, and its watershed is around 15,000 square miles.

Euphrates River on the Map


 The Sajur River discharge is about 145 cu ft/s, and it is the right tributary of it. The Balikh River discharge is about 212 cu ft/s and the left tributary of it. The Khabur River discharge is about 1600 cu ft/s and the left tributary of it. Besides that, the Euphrates River passes through vegetation zones. It passes through the mountains of Southeast Turkey and supports xeric woodland. Here we are providing information about Where is the Euphrates River located on a Map.

Where is Euphrates River On a Map

Where is Euphrates River on a Map


The Euphrates River names include Turkish Firat Nehri and Arabic Nahr Al- Futrat River. It is also known as the river god of Assyria in West Asia. It passes through Syria and Iraq and joins the Tigris. Moreover, Tigris empties into the Persian Gulf.

Map of Euphrates River


It contributes to the Tigris river and Euphrates river map system in western Asia. Numerous species of fish, mammals, and animals depend on their water. The climate changes and drop in rainfall have affected its water level, which plays a significant role in vegetation and irrigation. Thus, the Euphrates River map is essential to analyze the river route. It is necessary to check water levels for drought and flood conditions. It is drying up presently, and the dams could control it.

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