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Constellation Map | Printable Map of Constellation

A Constellation map which is also called a star chart or star map shows you the night sky. These Constellation maps are used by astronomers. The main purpose of the map is to observe astronomical objects and constellations such as nebulae, stars, and galaxies.

Constellation Map

constellation map


To make use easier, the celestial sphere is divided into 88 parts, out of which 36 are located and found in the northern sky and the remaining 52 are found in the southern sky. These 88 constellations are identified by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in the Printable Constellation Map. The rotation of the earth on the axis allows us to see the different night skies at different times and seasons. You are always looking at different parts of the night sky in different seasons of the year.

constellations map


As the season changes, the night sky also changes because the earth is constantly rotating on its axis. The earth is surrounded by an imaginary sphere which is called the celestial sphere. It is divided by the equator into northern and southern poles. The pole star for the north can be easily located. It is called the Polaris, which is a bright star. It is brighter than usual stars which is why it is easy to locate. But it is not the same case with the south celestial.

Map of Constellations

The southern pole star can not be seen with bare human eyes because it is surrounded by other stars and galactic bodies. The most eminent stars from both north and south are Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Orion, Canis Major, Centaurus, Crux, and Carina. These seven constellations hold the most prominent positions on the map of the constellations. Most of the names of the constellations are taken from Greek and Roman.

map of constellations


The very first people, according to the books, who locate these stars were Chinese. Their names were Shi Shen, Gan De, and Wu Xian and they were astronomers in the third and fourth centuries BC. It is their work that has been passed on to others through all these decades. The maps are used for various purposes but they are most commonly used in ancient times to keep track of the calendar.

Constellation Map Tonight

It helps them to plan their economic activities such as planting crops and harvesting. It is said that the actual purpose of inventing these Constellations Maps was to help farmers to plan their farming. They can learn about the constellations and decide when to grow the crop and when is the right time to harvest them. Nowadays, these maps are not much of use but they are still used by astronomers to locate different stars.

constellation map tonight


You can identify different patterns in the night sky by using the stars as joining points. It is the easiest way to learn the location of stars. Make a shape out of different stars and learn the name of them as you join them. This process will make your learning fun and easy. In modern times, the map is often used to divide the sky into different regions. This interactive constellation map presented here gives you the highest quality of the maps so you will have an accurate representation of the stars.

How to make a Constellation Map

how to make a constellation map


On the Constellation Map PDF, you can locate all the important constellations that we mentioned here. You can understand the night sky. If you live in an urban area, it is almost impossible for you to see all these constellations with your naked eyes. You will definitely need a telescope. But if you do not have one then don’t worry, this map is the exact depiction of the night sky that you will see in a clear sky. With reference to this map, you can study these star-like objects which are also called constellations.

Constellations Maps

constellation maps


You can choose the map as per your concern. To have them on your device, you have to choose the one you need, and click on the PDF link given with the image. By clicking on the PDF link, the map will be downloaded to your device whether it be a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. From there, if you want, you can print them out as these templates are printable. They can be printed by any printer, colored or black&white, it is totally up to you. Enjoy your star gazing with our printable map templates which we offer you for free.

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