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Congo River Map I Where is Congo River On a Map

The Congo River Map is an interactive map that displays the Congo River route and its sources. Furthermore, it is an insightful map for learners, researchers, and tourists. It is significant for defining various tributaries of the Congo River. The Congo River is prominent and is about 2900 miles long.

Its drainage basin is approximately 1,550,000 square miles. In addition, it is the second longest river in Africa and the second largest in the world. It is the world’s deepest river, and its depth is about 219.5 m. Here we are providing the Map of the Congo River.

Congo River Map

Congo River Map


The Congo River and its tributaries pass through the Congo Rainforest. Additionally, the highlands and mountains of the East African Rift are sources of the Map of the Congo River. Its sources include Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mweru. Lake Tanganyika is the largest freshwater lake in Africa that drains into the Congo River system and the Atlantic Ocean.

Map of Congo River


Aside from that, Lake Mweru stretches for 68 miles along the Congo River. The Lualaba River is about 1800 kilometres long and is the largest river source of the Congo River. Moreover, it runs northward and ends near Kisangani. Here we are presenting the Congo River map.

Congo River On Map (Congo River Map)

Congo River on Map


The Chambeshi River is the headstream of the Congo River on a map and is at an elevation of 760 metres above sea level. Although Lualaba is the largest source of the Congo River, the Chambeshi River is also the source of the Congo River. Furthermore, the Congo River runs from Kisangani towards the northwest and below the Boyoma Falls.

Congo River on the Map


Besides that, it bends southwestward and passes Mbandaka. It joins the Ubangi River and runs into Pool Malebo. The river falls into deep canyons and runs through Matadi and Boma. Moreover, it falls into the sea at Muanda.

Congo River On World Map

Additionally, the Inkosi River is in Western Central Africa and is the last largest tributary of the Congo River. The Kasai River is the left tributary of the Congo River on the African map and runs east. It is about 2153 km long, and its basin size is approximately 881,900 square kilometres.

River Map of Congo


The Fimi River runs from Lake Mai-Ndombe to the Kasai River and empties into the Congo River. It is about 1070 km long and drains approximately 140,500 square kilometres. In addition, the Lukenie River serves as the central Congo Basin. It is about 900 km long. Here we are providing the Congo River map.

Where is Congo River On Map

Where is Congo River on a Map


The Kwango River is about 1,702 km long and is a transboundary river between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Sankuru River is about 1380 km, the most extended tributary of the Kasai River. Furthermore, the Alima River is the right tributary of the Congo River and is about 367 km long. The Likouala-Moussaka is about 615 km long and is the right tributary of the Congo River map Africa. It drains about 69,800 square kilometres.

Congo River On African Map

The Sangha is about 1395 km long and one of its right tributaries. Besides that, the Mongala, Itimbri, and Aruwimi Rivers are the right tributaries of the Congo River. In a nutshell, the Congo River map displays the tributaries and distributaries of the Congo River. Most species, including animals and humans, depend on its water. So the map plays a crucial role in illustrating the geographical features of the Congo River.

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