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Columbia River Map | Where is Hudson River On a Map

The Columbia River Map plays a significant role in displaying the river route with its tributaries. It has various tributaries that contribute a large amount of water to it. It is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region and is approximately 1243 miles long.

Moreover, it is the fourth most extended river in the US. Besides that, it runs northwest and south into the US state of Washington. Moreover, it turns west and defines the boundary between Washington and Oregon. It empties into the Pacific Ocean. Here we are providing the Columbia river gorge map.

Columbia River Map

Map of Columbia River


It begins at the southern end of the Rocky Mountain Trench. Furthermore, Columbia Lake, the primary lake of the Columbia River, is 2,690 feet above sea level. Besides that, Columbia Lake joins the Columbia wetlands and forms the river’s headwaters. In addition, the Columbia River on a map consists of 60 prominent tributaries, including the four largest that empty into the Columbia directly.

Columbia River Map


One of its major tributaries is the Snake River, which is approximately 1078 miles long. It starts in western Wyoming and runs through the Snake River Plain. In addition, it passes through Hells Canyon and the Palouse Hills and empties into the map of the Columbia River. Its drainage basin includes six states in the United States: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. Here we are presenting the map of Columbia river.

Columbia River On Map ( Columbia River Map)

The Willamette River is the major tributary river of it and discharges approximately 37,400 ft s. Besides that, it is about 187 miles long and runs northward between the Oregon Coast and the Cascade Range.

Columbia River on World Map


The Kootenay River is the uppermost tributary of the Columbia river gorge waterfalls map and empties into the Pacific Ocean. The Pend Oreille River is about 130 miles long and is the longest tributary river on the united states Columbia river map. Moreover, it drains 66,800 square kilometers. Here we are providing the map of the columbia river gorge.

Columbia River On World Map 

River Map of Columbia


The Cowlitz River is also a tributary of the map of Columbia river gorge waterfalls. The Spokane River is about 111 miles long in northern Idaho and eastern Washington. The Lewis River is about 95 miles long and drains part of the Cascade Range north of the Columbia River. Its drainage basin covers 1,046 square miles. The Deschutes River is the major tributary and drains the eastern side of the Cascade Range in Oregon. The Yakima River is the longest river in Washington and a tributary of the Columbia river gorge fire map.

Columbia River on the Map


The Wenatchee River originates at Lake Wenatchee, runs southwest, and empties into the Columbia river depth map. Furthermore, the Okanogan River is about 115 miles long, and its drainage basin drains about 8200 square miles. The Kettle River is approximately 175 miles long, and its drainage basin drains about 4200 square miles. Besides that, the Sandy River is about 56 miles long, and its drainage basin covers 508 square miles.

Where is the Columbia River located on a Map?

Where is Columbia River on a Map


The John Day River is about 284 miles long and drains about 8010 square miles. In a nutshell, its tributaries play a significant role and drain the largest area. The River map is crucial for students, researchers, and tourists. It plays an important role and shows the waterway system and physical features of the Columbia river buoy map.

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