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China River Map I Where is China River On a Map

The China River Map is insightful for students, learners, and researchers. It depicts the geographical features and tributaries of the Chinese rivers. There are more than 1500 rivers in China, though 20 years ago, there were more than 50,000 rivers in the country. Climate change and water and soil loss are reasons for the loss of rivers.

The Yangtze is the most famous river in China and runs approximately 3900 miles. Besides that, it is the mother of China. It is the third longest river in the world and drains approximately 698,300 square miles. Here we are presenting the China River on a map.

China River Map

China River Map


Furthermore, the Yellow River is the second longest river in China and runs about 3395 miles long. The Pearl River is the third most extended river in China and covers about 1500 miles. Besides that, the Songhuajiang River is also one of the major rivers in China.

Map of China River


The Huai River is about 690 miles long, and its basin size is approximately 67,000 square miles. It is between the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers China map. The Daling River is in Northwest China and is about 270 miles long. Here we are providing the river map of China.

China River On Map (China River Map)

China River on Map


The Guo River is on the left bank of the Huai River and closes to the Yellow River. It covers about 261.5 miles, and its basin area covers 6141 square miles. In addition, the Amur River is the tenth longest river in the world and runs approximately 1755 miles long. Besides that, it forms the boundary between the Russian Far East and Northeast China.

China River on the Map


The Ussuri River covers about 557 miles and drains approximately 75,000 square miles. The Muren River is in Northeast China and covers about 359 miles. In addition, it is a tributary of the Ussuri River. Here is the China River on a map. Furthermore, the Taizi River is in the Liaoning Province of Northeastern China and runs approximately 288.3 miles.

China River On World Map

The Dai River is in Hebei, China. The Sangean River covers about 314 miles and is in Northern China. The Juma River is also in Northern China and flows for about 254 kilometers. The Chaobai River is also in Northern China. The Luo River is a tributary of the Yellow River and runs 260 miles long.

River Map of China


In addition, the Yi River is in the province of Henan in China and is a tributary of the Luo River. Here we are presenting here is the China River located on the world map. The Yan River is in Shaanxi and covers approximately 178.3 miles. The Pudu River is in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Moreover, the Brahmaputra River is a transboundary river and the 9th largest river in the world.

Where is China River On Map

Where is China River on a Map


The Yulong River is approximately 22 miles long and a tributary of the Li River. The Pearl River China map is crucial for travelers to visit the specific river in China. On the other hand, maps play a significant role for students in learning about the major rivers in China. It is beneficial for researchers to know about the origin and route of the rivers.

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