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Ancient Map Babylon | Printable Ancient Babylon Map

Ancient Map Babylon: Babylon is an ancient Mesopotamian city located in modern-day Iraq. It was founded circa 2300 BCE and became an important cultural and economic center in the region. The city reached its height under the rule of King Hammurabi, who governed from 1792-1750 BCE.

During this period, Babylon was a thriving metropolis with a complex system of canals and irrigation for agriculture, as well as trade routes to other parts of Mesopotamia and beyond. The city is perhaps most famous for its hanging gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Ancient Map Babylon

ancient Babylonia map


Today, ancient Babylon the map is best known for its ruins which are preserved as a tourist attraction. The most iconic remnant of the city is the Ishtar Gate, built circa 575 BCE, which featured reliefs of animals from Mesopotamian mythology.

ancient map Babylon


Ancient Babylon on the Map (Ancient Map Babylon)

Babylon was an ancient city in the ancient Babylonia map which is located in Mesopotamia. The city was founded by the Amorites and became an important center of trade and culture. Babylon declined after the death of Hammurabi and was eventually conquered by the Persians.

ancient Babylon on the map


Map ancient Babylon appears on several ancient maps, including those of the Babylonian Empire and the Persian Empire. The city was also mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and in Ancient Greek literature.

Ancient Babylon Map

The city was founded by the Amorites in the 18th century BC. It became the capital of the Kingdom of Babylon in the 16th century BC. The city was sacked by the Hittites in 1595 BC, and it was conquered by the Assyrians in 689 BC. The city was ruled by the Neo-Babylonian Empire from 626 BC to 539 BC. The city was sacked by the Achaemenid Persians in 539 BC, and it was conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. Here we provide the map of ancient babylon and Mesopotamia.

ancient Babylon map


The ancient Babylonian map was very advanced for their time period, and they were able to create detailed maps of their kingdom. These maps of ancient Babylonia were used for trade, military purposes, and to keep track of royal property.

Babylon Ancient City Map

ancient map of Babylon


Babylon was an ancient Mesopotamian city located in southern Mesopotamia, east of the Euphrates River. The city was founded in the 18th century BCE by Hammurabi, the sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty. It became a major cultural and economic center during the reign of the map of the ancient Babylon empire. The city was destroyed in the 6th century BCE by the Persians.

Printable Map of Ancient Babylon

map ancient Babylon


The Babylon ancient city map is a remarkable artifact that provides a glimpse into the city’s long and storied history. While the map itself is not particularly accurate, it nonetheless gives us a general idea of the city’s layout and some of its key features. The map also provides an insight into the mind of the Babylonian people and how they saw their world.

Despite its many inaccuracies, the ancient map of Babylon PDF is a valuable historical document that tells us much about the city and its people.

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